A Commitment To Cancer Research

Supporters of Cancer Research exists in loving memory of all Mothers, including Francyna de Groot, Mother of 5 who passed away due to undetected cancer.

Supporters of Cancer Research funds the development of medicines and technologies to help promote the early detection of cancers so that young children don’t lose their Mothers to this painful disease.

Mothers with young children, your time is more valuable than most but please make time for yourselves! See your Doctor and have regular checkups.

Become a supporter of Supporters of Cancer Research INC! 100% of every donation goes to a fund to be distributed to receiving agencies. See our home page for additional information about current projects.


Current Projects

Anybody who knows Herman knows he doesn’t sit still. In addition to an upcoming introductory event, one of Herman’s immediate goals is to coordinate with Nevada Health Center and bring the Mammovan to Pahrump. Mammovan is a mobile mammography unit that travels to underserved areas of our state, providing mammograms to women in geographically isolated areas and those who are uninsured and may not otherwise seek mammography services.


Supporters of Cancer Research Inc is a Non-Profit 501 (c)(3) Corporation, located at 2191 Thousandaire Blvd, Pahrump NV 89061. Our mailing address is PO Box 3367, Pahrump NV 89041. All donations are appreciated. For additional information call (775) 513-3193. Thank you for your support. – Herman de Groot, Founder – Supporters of Cancer Research